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Finally I got some time to use PS ♥

Requested by anonymous


P.s. obviously the screenshot is not mine XD

I've been searching for a long time for items from master suite compatable with base are amazing thank you so much. My Question is if it is possible *if it is not please do not worry* & only if you have the 'Outdoor Living' stuff pack...I have wanted for a long time to have the Swirly Iron Easel..If you could make this compatible I would be very greatful...but only if it won't be problem for you! Thank you for your time!
Asked by Anonymous

Sorry for the late answer é.è Thank you so much! Yes, I think I could do only that object ^^ Today or tomorrow it’ll be here =D

clover-sims ha rebloggato la tua foto e ha aggiunto:

!!! Mimi!! How did you do this effect? ಠ_ಠ

Se intendi i capelli… beh è tutto fatto con photoshop *ò* Come pure lo sfondo ^^


They are made to work with high heels like leahlillith shoes or madlen shoes, so if you use them with normal shoes your sims will float 5cm above the ground XD
It’s not much a big trouble, but they will be taller than the others :P 

Codes are from: a_aku19_01 to a_aku19_07.
Poselist compatible.

Download (mediafire)

I almost forgot how much I hate hands…. New pose pack in progress *ò*

Aqua and Ariya having some shopping at the mfstore!

Request from mischievoussims =D

Into the Future beards base game compatible! In the pack you’ll find the images and the indivual file of each beard, so you know what you are going to install ^^


Download (mediafire)